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Image processing solutions have become an integral part of today’s industry. Whether for the control and monitoring of manufacturing processes, quality control, production optimization, maintenance, safety applications, traffic flow control or pure data acquisition – they make a valuable contribution to value creation and secure jobs.

As product quality, sustainability and economic efficiency requirements are subject to continuous dynamic change on a global level, innovations play an important role in meeting the resulting technical challenges with technological progress. The ambitious goals of digital transformation and Industry 4.0 are also fueling this need.

The rapidly maturing specialist fields of artificial intelligence (AI), in conjunction with classic image processing, have made a significant contribution to success in recent years by increasing throughput rates in production or opening up completely new fields of application. For example, the automated inline inspection of goods to detect quality defects or the automation of harvests in agriculture were still dreams of the future until a few years ago.

The high potential of machine vision is therefore unmistakable. The rapid development of the various domains, such as semiconductor and microprocessor technology, lens technology, software, interface and transmission technology, etc., is creating new opportunities from which not only innovative system developers and integrators as well as end users can benefit.

With our DeepVision network, we want to create a platform for jointly identifying fields of application, designing and implementing multilateral development strategies and facilitating the exchange of basic/expert knowledge and resources. This is intended to accelerate the transfer of technologies into practice, along with evaluation and improvement.

Network meeting at the TURCK company in Halver

Network members had the opportunity to discuss the application potential of machine vision under practical conditions last Wednesday (19 June 2024). The participants were able to gain a first impression of THT and SMD production and the working conditions on … Read More

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Second network meeting

The innovation network met again on 17 April 2024 as part of an interim meeting. The meeting began with a report on the current status of projects and cooperation between individual members. This was followed by a brief summary of … Read More

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First network meeting

The first network meeting took place on 17.01.2024. After the introductory words by Prof. Dr. Jelali, the network partners presented themselves with short presentations, followed by content on the vision, goals and cooperation, which was conveyed by Mr. Papadopoulos. A … Read More

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Network partners

Viable and sustainable innovations can only be created through strong partnerships in which everyone contributes to success. That is why our network consists of regular and associated partners who are active as system developers for future-oriented image processing solutions and system integrators in various industries – including the automotive industry, steel and non-ferrous metal production, logistics, the electronics and semiconductor industry and automation technology.

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About us

At DeepVision, we develop AI-powered machine vision solutions for industry to improve processes in various sectors. Our comprehensive solutions integrate the latest technology and AI developments and are developed together with partners from small and medium-sized companies. We are always looking for new partnerships and experts to drive innovation in AI-based machine vision.


Our solutions are always at the cutting edge and integrate innovative machine learning technologies.


Our approach is versatile and adapts to the requirements of different industries.


We work closely with customers and partners to develop and deliver customized solutions.

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A growing network is one of the most important success factors. We are constantly on the lookout for network partners who can expand our pool of expertise with technologies, expert knowledge and industry knowledge.

Mr. Loui Al-Shrouf, Dr.-Ing. T: +49 (0) 221 8275 4543 M: +49 (0) 172 3035 366

Mr. Konstantinos Papadopoulos, M. Sc.

konstantinos.papadopoulos(:at:) T: +49 (0) 221 8275 4543 F: +49 (0) 221 8275 2399

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